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The Langlade County Sled Dog Club’s membership is made up of folks interested in the exciting world of sled dogs. Some members have a few dogs and enjoy recreational mushing while other members have a kennel and participate in professional distance or sprint sled dog racing. You don’t even have to own dogs to enjoy watching and learning about sled dogs. We welcome all interested parties!

If you are interested in using Langlade County trails, keeping abreast of local sled dog activities and musher accomplishments, would like to volunteer at events or otherwise contribute to mushing, benefit from or simply learn more about sled dogs, please consider joining the club using the PDF below.

Group Training Picture 1_23_16

Group Training Run Photo from 1/23/16

Wolfman Triathlon 9/7/19

Thank you to club members for volunteering at the 2019 Wolfman Triathlon

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